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Disinfection Services

disinfection service

disinfection service

disinfection service

As the virus has been spreading all around the world , our company is please to introduce a new servicing for customers to live in a virus-free home. This item is called disinfectant . Our disinfectant solution is imported from Germany and is NEA approved. It is the ability which will help to kill all the virus and fungal bacteria that lays in all sorts of place. With this service being carried out in your own house/office , please rest assured that it will minimize your house from getting bacterias.

What we will do
– Spray the entire house with the disinfectant
– Disinfect all areas regardless on how complex it is

– Destroy bacteria,virus,fungi,mold or mildews living on objects/surfaces
– Very effecting in treating virus and fungal bacteria

How long will it last?
– 2/3 months depending on the bacteria growth

Health and wellness
– Safe to use in kitchen and bedroom
– Safe for kids